MenuMaid 1.0.1

Clean up messy context menus in Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer


  • Easy to use
  • Changes are applied immediately


  • Only supports Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer

Not bad

Context menus – the ones you open with a right click – are a handy way of accessing many tools and functions. The problem comes when they are ridden with options that you don't really use that much.

MenuMaid is a simple tool that can help you clean up the mess in your context menus. When you launch the program, you'll see a tabbed interface with two main sections, Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer, each of them devoted to cleaning up the context menu in those areas.

All you need to do to remove unwanted items from context menus is untick the specific element in the MenuMaid interface. Likewise, if you ever want to get them back, simply tick the option again. The changes will be applied immediately – no system restart required.

Note that MenuMaid works only with items that have been added to the context menu by third-party apps, not with the ones that come with the operating system by default.

MenuMaid is a handy app that helps you clean and organize your context menus in Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.



MenuMaid 1.0.1

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